The vision of our project:

Reliable & secure value chains for shipping biofuels,

compatible with infrastructure, shipping technology & regulations,

and developed in a sustainable & socially responsible way.

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Towards Responsible & Sustainable Marine Biofuels.

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Why we need to develop biofuels for the shipping sector

About the Project.


Societal challenge

There is a strong societal call to make the maritime sector more sustainable, with a substantial focus on fuel consumption. Biofuels are among the most interesting options to achieve this and can play an important part in achieving several Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


Challenges & concerns

Available production technologies of renewable biofuels do not yet match the needs of the shipping industry. Further development is needed to integrate renewable biofuels into the existing infrastructure. In addition, there are some concerns about the costs, availability and environmental and social sustainability of biofuels. In order to contribute to the SDG’s the role for local producers of biomass need to be taken into account.


Project contribution

In this project, we develop and improve thermochemical processes for the production of biofuels, while taking into account technical, economic, environmental, social and institutional challenges. Based on a case-study approach, we design versatile supply chains for biomass feedstocks based on Biohubs, in which local sourcing of biomass is done in an environmentally & socially sustainable way.



Stakeholder collaboration

The project partners represent several relevant actors in the value chain of biofuels, including biofuel producers, traders, technology providers, NGOs, expert platforms, and local organisations. The definition of design space, desired characteristics of the value chain and Biohub will be in alignment with stakeholders needs, values and capabilities.

Project Updates.

Development of a Dedicated Marine Biofuel Is Needed

Development of a Dedicated Marine Biofuel Is Needed

Biofuels are already a cost-competitive low carbon fuel option for shipping containing no (or only limited) sulphur. However, a ‘dedicated’ marine low carbon fuel has not yet been developed. Netherlands Platform Sustainable Biofuels put this message forward in a “Presentation Roadmap Sustainable Biofuels for Shipping” at the international conference “Fuels of the Future” in Berlin (22 January 2019).

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Society & Industry Partners.

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